NBP & FNPSPP are celebrating their 35th anniversary!

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With you for over 35 years! In 2014, the Native Benefits Plan (NBP) and the First Nations Public Security Pension Plan (FNPSPP) celebrated their 35th anniversary. The plans were established by visionary and avant-garde individuals – builders who were able to see beyond the present and develop what has become one of the most important Aboriginal pension funds in Canada.  In 1979, the creation of the NBP and the FNPSPP were instrumental in initial initiatives taken by the First Nations towards autonomy and decision making.  During this era, the establishment of pension plans belonging to First Nations served to contribute to the financial independence of communities and ensure maximum economic benefits.



Over the years, our organizations have adapted to demand by presenting products and services in response to the changing needs of our clientele in terms of employee benefits and insurance coverage.   


Today, the RBA and the FNPSPP represent more than 100 employers. There are some 5000 members and 800 retirees. Assets under management total $500 million. 



On behalf of the retirement committees and management, we are committed to continuing to make every effort to ensure the sound management of our members’ funds and offer them services that meet their expectations.



We take this opportunity to thank the members who have trusted us for 35 years! 




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Mr. Norm Odjick


NBP Retirement Committee

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Mr. Floyd McBride


FNPSPP Retirement Committee