Multi-employer Group Insurance Program FNQBN-RBA

The First Nations of Quebec Business Network (FNQBN)  and the RBA Financial Group's Multi-employer Group Insurance Program was established to offer small businesses a flexible plan adapted to the needs of each business and its employees.  


This plan allows self-employed workers and private businesses operating in different sectors and employing 2 to 10 employees to gain access to the group insurance plan.  Joining a group insurance program provides the added benefit of flexible coverage in terms of : 


  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurancee
  • Health insurance
  • Dental care


Grouping together also results in cost savings related to volume.


You can join anytime !


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Eligibility criteria

  • Business with 2 to 10 employees
  • No restriction regarding the business'sector of activity
  • Between 0 and 6 months to the date of hiring (fixed)
  • Offered to regular employees


Choice of coverage

  • Flexible coverage options (life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance) 
  • Established on the basis of your budget
  • Rates assessed February 1 of each year


Customer service

  • Employer access to secured sites inline (Extranet, e.g., online invocing)
  • Employee access to their personal files



  • Health Support
  • Taxable benefits


Membership procedure

Insurance quote