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First Nations and Inuit Suicide Prevention Association of Quebec and Labrador



For the past eleven years, the RBA Foundation has supported the First Nations and Inuit Suicide Prevention Association of Quebec and Labrador

(FNISPAQL).  Sums remitted to the FNISPAQL allow the Association to partially finance their annual Dialogue for Life conference. The FNISPAQL is a non-profit Aboriginal organization in operation for over 16 years. The Association’s mission consists of participating in all efforts directed at improving wellbeing and the sense of balance in the lives of Aboriginal populations in Quebec. The FNISPAQL hosts community awareness and prevention activities, popular education workshops and actively supports the development of psychosocial interventions in the language and based on cultural models prevalent in each nation. 
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New Pathways Foundation 

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The mission of the New Pathways Foundation is to contribute to improving the living conditions of First Nations through support of initiatives targeting the social and human development of individuals within their communities.  The Foundation is collecting funds in order to redistribute them to the organization that works towards the well-being of Aboriginal communities.  It will even be able to contribute, when the needs arises, to the creation of new services and structuring projects. 


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Puamun Meshkenu 

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The Path of a Thousand Dreams (Puanum Meshkenu) is a non-profit organization created in 2016 by Dr. Stanley Vollant. For more than 30 years, he has focused on the health of First Nations members and, more extensively, on the overall wellness of First Nations in Canada. This organization is the logical extension of the project Innu Meshkenu begun in 2010.The project had a fundamental impact on the lives of many Aboriginal youth and created a structuring movement within Aboriginal communities in Quebec. Building on the heritage of Innu Meshkenu, the Path of a Thousand Dreams embraces the vision that:“First Nations, the Métis and the Inuit must develop their full potential and contribute to their collective well-being.”

To achieve this vision, the mission of the Path of a Thousand Dreams is to “Inspire and support First Nations, the Métis and the Inuit so that they can find their own path of a thousand dreams through the full development of their mental, spiritual, physical and emotional potential.”


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Breakfast Club of Canada 

Logo _Bilingue Breakfast _Couleur For 23 years, Breakfast Club of Canada has been nourishing children's potential by making sure as many of tham as possible have access to healty morning meal before school, un an environment that allows their self-esteem to grow and flourish. The Club is constantly on the lookout for sustainable ways of reaching out to more children in First Nations communities in order to :  
  • Empower youth, adults and communities by opting for culturally and socially relevant food 
  • Introduce innovative, holistic approaches
  • track, record and share progress, challenges and successes
  • Engage the philanthropic community
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