Health and Safety at work

RBA Financial Group and Trinome Conseils are pleased to offer you a new service associated with the proper management of your health and safety at work file.


Over the years, health and safety at work has become a very important aspect of the competitive edge of a business such as yours and, by the same token, its profitability. Following is an overview of services offered by us in health and safety at work


Financial Management of HSW

  • Classification analysis
  • Claim cost estimate
  • Analysis to join a Prevention Mutual
  • Actuarial analysis of choice of limit and retrospective adjustment forecast
  • Financial analysis prior to a merger or the acquisition of a business
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Administrative Management of HSW

  • Verification of claim admissibility and follow-up
  • Application for a medical opinion
  • Preparation of transfer requests and cost screening
  • Outsourcing service


Preventive Management in HSW

  • Audit and adjustment
  • Prevention program
  • HSW conformity inspection tour
  • Preparation and/or updating of HSW policy and procedures
  • Preparation of HSW permit forms
  • Basic and/or specific training in all fields of HSW (white collar workers, foremen, workers and managers)
  • Outsourcing service
  • Advisory services in personal protective equipment (PPE), hygiene and the workplace environment
  • Implementation of a new WHMIS management system
  • Leadership of your HSW Committee
  • Establishment of an Emergency Response Plan (ERP)


Administrative Representation

  • Administrative representation with the CSST and dispute settlement with different administrative authorities
  • Arbitration 


Prevention Mutual

By joining prevention mutual (CSST), you will become involved in a process to improve your health and safety at work (HSW) file.


A prevention mutual (HSW) allows you to group together with other employers, by pooling your resources to better manage you claims and reduce your premiums to the Commission de la santé et sécurité au travail (CSST).


The goal of a prevention mutual is simple. You and all members of the mutual benefit from CSST premium rates that mirror your shared efforts at prevention, rehabilitation and the prompt return to work of injured employees.


Are you an employer registered with the CSST? Would you like to improve your health and safety at work file? 

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