Employer representative at the General Assembly


Appendix 1



Any individua, active participant or not in the Plan, mandated by the employer to represent the employer.



The employer is responsible for designating the person who will represent the employer during the General Assembly.


Note: any individual designated by the employer who is not an active participant in the Plan will have the same rights and privileges as those persons participating legally in the Assembly, except that they cannot be elected to sit on the NBP Retirement Committee, given their inability to meet the requisite eligibility criteria.




Employee representative at the General Assembly


Appendix 2



Any individiual actively participating in the Plan.



Participating employees must elect an employee representative for the next Annual General Assembly of the Plan. Participants must also elect a substitute to replace the elected employee representative in the event that he or she is unable to participate in the General Assembly.


The election method is chosen locally by each employer. The employer is responsible for ensuring that an employee representative and a substitute for the latter are elected within the employer’s company. 


NBP administrative services are available to guide employers in the process. A tool allowing you to hold virtual elections has also been made available. Please feel free to ask us about it!




The names of the representatives must be approved in accordance with the procedures described above and forwarded to NBP headquarters before June 30, 2021.


Receipt of the names of the representatives before this date will confirm the eligibility of these individuals to attend the Annual General Assembly.