Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Letter to pensioners

COVID-19 – Your annuity payment guaranteed


Dear Pensioner,

The purpose of this letter is to reassure our pensioners regarding the impact of COVID-19 on NBA and FNPSPP operations. Please rest assured that we have taken all necessary means to ensure the payment of your annuity regardless of measures taken by the government. We have made it our number one priority and we will take every step to prevent any interruption whatsoever of your payment.

For several years, the NBP and the FNPSPP has maintained and updated a business continuity plan (BCP) for succession purposes and to continue operating in the event of a disaster or emergency. Although the plan has never been deployed, it was revised recently and is being used to organize our operations during this event.

Please note that despite the exceptional nature of the present situation, regular activities are only marginally affected. The payment of monthly annuities will be maintained on scheduled dates. We wish to thank you in advance for your comprehension regarding any other delay that might arise while processing requests as a result of social distancing.

Our IT structure allows all our employees to work and deliver services through telecommuting. Despite obstacles encountered as a result of this situation, our office is committed to providing our clients, beneficiaries, retirees and collaborators with service up to our normal standards. Please rest assured that all necessary measures have and will be taken to meet this commitment.

Our teams continue to monitor changes to the situation and recommendations issued by the federal and provincial governments so that we are able to reassess our decisions in real time.

Our regular telephone numbers remain in service should you wish to reach us, namely 418 847-1840 and, toll, free, 1 888 242-0277. For more information or to follow changes made to our decisions concerning social distancing already underway, please refer to our website at for updates on the situation.

Thank you for your trust!


Sylvain _sign NB


Sylvain Picard, CPA, CA, ASC, Adm.A.
General Manager


Letter to Pensioners