FNPSPP - First Nations Public Security Pension Plan

The First Nations Public Security Pension Plan (FNPSPP) is for First Nations employers involved in public security, seeking to offer their employees a generous pension plan comparing advantageously with plans offered to police officers, firefighters and others involved in public safety. 


The FNPSPP is composed of police departments found in 13 First Nations member communities. 


The FNPSPP was established to provide members with fringe benefits comparable to, and even exceeding, what is offered on the market for such jobs. 


FNPSPP members benefit from the security of a pension fund established in 1979 and profit from returns recorded by one of the most important Aboriginal pension funds in Canada.  


The Plan itself is a defined benefit plan that foresees the accumulation of a guaranteed pension calculated on the basis of years of participation of each employee member of the Plan. This pension plan offers different forms of coverage upon retirement and in the event of disability. The accumulation of years of participation also ensures family members an annual income upon the death of a member.


Non-Taxable Benefits

All pension plans offered by RBA Financial Group allow Aboriginal employees to obtain a benefit which is both tax-free and hassle-free, provided that the salaries associated with those benefits are tax-exempt (Williams case 1992). This information is general and should not be considered official in any way. 


The FNPSPP is a private plan registered with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions and Customs and Revenue Canada. The Plan also meets the requirements of Canada's Pension Act and the Income Tax Act.