FNPSPP - Public Security of First Nations

Investment Committee


The administration of the pension fund portfolio is entrusted to the Investment Committee made up of Retirment Committee representatives, four experts consultant members, the Plan’s General Manager and an asset management consultant.  Their role consists of making recommendations to the Retirement Committee and overseeing designated, mandated managers. 


Investment Committee Members

Norm Odjick, President, Representative of the NBP

Claude Dalphond, Expert Consultant Member
Éric Cloutier, Representative of the FNPSPP
Gilles Chouinard, Expert Consultant Member
Jean Ross, Representative of the NBP
Michel Toupin, Expert Consultant Member
Sophie Leblanc, Expert Consultant Member 
Valérie Tremblay, Representative of the NBP
Sylvain Picard, CPA, CA, CGA, ASC, Adm.A., Investment Committee Secretary (non-voting member)