Native Benefits Plan

Retirement Committee


The Native Benefits Plan (NBP) Retirement Committee plays the role of Board of Directors, acting in the capacity of administrator and trustee of the pension fund. The Retirement Committee is made up of eight individuals mainly named during annual general assemblies by and from among employer and employee members and retirees. 


Each year the plan hosts an annual general assembly during which are tabled annual goals and their level of achievement, financial statements, the annual report and decisions ratified by the Committee during the fiscal year.    


Retirement Committee Members

Jinny Thibodeau, President
Norm Odjick, Vice-president
Olivier Gill-Soui, Director
Daniel G. Nolett, Director
Valérie Tremblay, Director
Johanne Castonguay, Director
Jean Ross, Director
Michel Toupin, Independant Member
Jacques Beaudet, Secretary